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Consumables Eco Tool Instructions: General User | Dealers
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Welcome to the Instruction Section of the Consumables Eco Reporting (CER) tool

The database is designed to be managed by an individual designated by a business entity. That person will be recognized in the Consumables Eco Reporting tool as the Company System Administrator (CSA). The CSA will complete the Organization Registration Request Form to gain access to the CER. Once access is granted, the CER will generate a unique account code for the organization’s main location.

From that point on, the CSA will create (optional) region(s), location(s), and sub location(s). For each of these that the CSA sets up, an additional suffix will be added to the main account number to individualize them for reporting purposes. It is the responsibility of the organization and it’s employees to enter those account codes, as the first entry in the name field of the RS return Label, that the customer must print out off our web space. Any consumables returned without the account number properly included upon the return label, WILL NOT be included in the CER data base for reporting purposes.

As the CSA, you will be responsible for training your organization on the various facets of the CER, for administrating the access rights of your business representatives, and establishing regions, locations, sub locations for your organization.

Once created, an organization as the ability to report on the number of shipments and the weight of those shipments at the macro, regional, location and sub location level, on a customizable reporting basis.